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Richard R. Ruth, P.E.

Richard Ruth, P.E. retired from Ford Motor Company in 2006 after 33 years in a wide variety of product engineering and product planning positions, spending the last 10 years managing Ford Design Analysis Engineers that provide safety related technical analysis and field investigations of claimed safety defects, giving 30B6 depositions and testifying in product liability lawsuits. He has been a consultant for 10+ years in automobile restraint systems, crash reconstruction specializing in reading and interpreting EDR information, teaching others to use EDR information properly,and conducting research in EDR accuracy and publishing results in peer reviewed scientific venues such as SAE to build the body of knowledge necessary for courts to admit EDR data under the Daubert criteria.

Ruth Consulting, LLC offers professional services, nationwide, to assist in any automotive restraints related area including safety belts, safety belt pretensioners, frontal airbags, side impact airbags and curtains, safety canopy for rollover, and other pyrotechnic restraint system controlled safety devices. Richard Ruth, P.E. is uniquely qualified in Event Data Recorders and airbag system performance including deployment thresholds.


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