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Ruth Consulting, LLC., Services:

Ruth Consulting can assist in any automotive restraints related area including:

    • Safety Belts
    • Safety Belt Pretensioners
    • Frontal Airbags
    • Side Impact Airbags and Curtains
    • Safety Canopy for Rollover
    • Other Pyrotechnic Restraint System Controlled Safety Devices.

Richard Ruth is uniquely qualified in Event Data Recorders and airbag system performance including deployment thresholds.

     Ready to help you:  
      • Evaluate automobile restraints system performance in crashes and be
       your expert witness
    • Read and Interpret Event Data Recorders (EDR’s) from crashes
    • Prepare attorneys for and testify in Frye and Daubert hearings on EDR data admissibility
    • Shape EDR policy & capitalize on future potential uses of EDR technology in your firm
    • Instruct others in the reading and interpreting of EDR’s in crashes
    • Understand technology development and what technologies became feasible and when
    • Externally validate the accuracy of your company's EDR system

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