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Ruth Consulting, LLC., Fee Schedule  

Fee Schedule:
Initial Consultations: No Charge. I listen to your crash description and the allegations and advise what types of engineering analysis would be most useful to your case, and what portions of you overall case my services can cover. There is no charge until we jointly establish there is something specific I can do to assist your case. I do not accept product liability lawsuits against automobile manufacturers.

Expert services: Please contact me for my current hourly rate for engineering analysis, report writing, vehicle inspections, laboratory services, and travel or wait time are one rate. Depositions and trial testimony are a higher rate. (If you are a prosecutor and there is an opportunity to create good criminal case law that will benefit future law enforcement, please discuss this with me, I may be willing to accept a lower rate)

Retainer: If a report, or inspection, or full file review is anticipated I typically request a retainer consistent with the first 10 hours of billable work. This allows you to list me in your witness disclosures and use my name as your expert in any settlement negotiations. Unused portions can be refunded.

For EDR analysis, if it is not yet clear that the EDR data is useful to the client, I am happy to perform a one to three billable hour pre-retainer review of data previously retrieved by others, and then discuss preliminary insights with the attorney to determine if further work is likely to be beneficial to the client.

To render a written opinion of EDR data validity and significance to the case, I need to review written materials such as a police report with scene diagram, scene photos, vehicle damage photos, and any previously reported reconstruction data for consistency.

Travel to remote site for vehicle inspection, EDR readout, or testimony: Travel Expenses plus labor at hourly rate including travel time, but I bill no more than 8 billable hours per 24 hour day, even if I take an early flight out and take a late flight home. If I am required to be onsite waiting to testify for 1.5 days, that would be 12 billable hours, two full days, 16 hours, etc. Less than 8 hour days are billed at my hourly rate door to door.

LABORATORY SERVICES:  Many reconstructionists and claims analysts without their own EDR readout equipment mail me modules for readout and interpretation.   

Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system readouts of undamaged PCM or ACM EDR’s – in my laboratory: Flat fee $500 with review & comment, $300 without review for those already trained and capable of their own analysis. Damaged EDR’s must be assessed on a case by case basis and result in additional hourly charges.   

Kia or Hyundai GIT tool use or module sent to me for readout in my lab, a simple readout with up to one hour of verbal interaction with the requestor on what the data means for their case, $500. This is basically a $300 equipment charge and $200 labor to educate the user on unique Kia/Hyundai issues. Subsequent use $300 equipment charge only. The computer output is provided, any additional written report or additional analysis required would be an additional charge.  For videotaping of the readout with one copy on DVD provided please add $150.  

Use of Subaru Denso DST-I EDR tool: $900 equipment charge plus hourly rate.  

While the Subaru dealer tool is DLC only, I have direct to module cables for most modules with EDR. 

Use of Mitsubishi EDR tool: $900 equipment charge plus hourly rate. 

Mitsubishi tool is officially DLC only. I have some direct to module cables for Mirage, some other models require a complete vehicle simulator including the ETACS module to be read.  Direct to Module Readout may still be possible but requires extra time and effort.

Berla iVe Factory Navigation and Phone system readout: $900 equipment charge plus hourly rate.

 Damaged ACM or PCM:  Send pictures. If the circuit board is intact I may be able to read them.  If a chip transplant is needed I do not do chip transplants, I will refer you to someone who does.  

Note: I generally do not accept restraint product liability cases against any manufacturer.

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